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Westwoods is…

Westwoods is a community of imperfect people seeking to be transformed by the person and power of Jesus Christ.

Westwoods is a church being built on the foundation of authentic relationships and the relevant application of God’s Word.  Our hope is to be a challenging community for believers, a safe community for spiritual seekers, and a powerful picture of grace and love to our community.

Maybe you’ve said no to church, but what if church could be different?
  Shouldn’t church be a place of life, connection, excitement and enthusiasm?
  Shouldn’t church be a place where people can feel and experience a real connection with God?
  Shouldn’t church be a place that positively shapes our communities?


We are honored that you are considering being a part of the Westwoods Community. Our desire for everyone is that they are able to find a small group where they can grow, serve, be challenged and live life within the body of Christ. We recognize that just as a body has many parts that serve different functions, the Church has many parts that also serve in different ways. To learn more about Westwoods and what we believe click here.