Westwoods is…

Westwoods is a non-denominational, intergenerational community of imperfect people seeking to be changed by the person of Jesus Christ.

Westwoods is a church being built on the foundation of authentic relationships and the relevant application of God’s Word.  Our hope is to be a challenging community for believers, a safe community for spiritual seekers and a powerful picture of grace and love to our community.

Maybe you’ve said no to church, but what if church could be different?
  Shouldn’t church be a place of life, connection, excitement and enthusiasm?
  Shouldn’t church be a place where people can feel and experience a real connection with God?
  Shouldn’t church be a place that positively shapes our communities?


Below is a short overview of who we are. For more detail, click the titles of each section.


To see an excited community of believers committed to passionately loving and following Christ, loving and serving each other, and loving and reaching the lost.


To be the body of Christ on earth by corporately pooling our individual spiritual gifts and doing whatever it takes to fulfill His great commission as soon as possible.

Core Values

Core Values are the compass that guides our church in the right direction.  They provide the parameters that we must stay inside, while pointing the way to where God wants us to go. Our core values are:

  • WORSHIP: Prayer-Excellence-Purpose
  • COMMUNITY: Relationship, Ownership, Word of God
  • OUTREACH: Relevance, Evangelism, Missions

What we Believe

Church Structure