Our Vision

For people to have life changing encounters with God while in His creation.

Our Mission

The wilderness ministry exists to connect our community with God’s creation through outdoor adventures including hiking, river rafting, backpacking, mountain climbing, rappelling, camping, skiing/snowboarding, and snowshoeing. These journeys will help challenge spiritual and physical growth and encourage reflection and conversation with God. The ministry will bring the lost into creation as an outreach as well as bring those who already know Christ into creation to spur renewal and/or growth. The wilderness ministry will provide a means for those who may not normally venture into the outdoors with trained guides and planned trips.


We do not have a regular meeting time as many of our activities are seasonal.


Throughout God’s incredible creation.


Aaron and Catherine Banks
aaron.banks40@yahoo.com 720.472.0917
catherinebanks40@yahoo.com 303.619.2424